Water treatment systems

Water treatment

A complete washing system requires pre- and post-treatment of the water, in other words, a water treatment system. Both to improve the efficiency of the system itself, and to guarantee correct discharge of the water used. At DOMO MEDIOAMBIENTE, we offer the possibility of analyzing the needs derived from washing. To adapt the water treatment system to the requirements of the installation. Custom projects are one of our benchmarks, and we want to continue contributing with innovative ideas and ingenious solutions. Making our technical team available to each of the projects to develop the system that best suits each occasion.

Deposits are essential both for the accumulation of water and for the retention of floating or settleable particles. A correct use is more than necessary in any system. Thanks to the preparation of water balances for each project, we can offer the tanks that best suit your present and future needs.

On the other hand, in addition to supplying the tanks, we have peripheral systems for level control. Both quantitative and qualitative, hydrocarbon detection… To implement in already installed tanks or systems to be installed.

Water treatment

From the external washing of surfaces to the internal cleaning of cisterns or garbage collection trucks, they require equipment to enable the reuse of water or its discharge. All this under the conditions established by the regulations, defining the different needs for each project, according to the contaminants present in the water. Our extensive experience guarantees that we find the best solution for each case.

Water treatment

The water used for washing is not always in the best condition. Being able to have different characteristics depending on the source, and being able to require treatments prior to its use such as softeners, dechlorinators…

To do this, we recommend a prior analysis of the water to be used. And after assessing the different adaptation needs that the water requires, implement a reverse osmosis equipment. With which the final quality of the wash will be substantially improved, especially on glazed surfaces.

Although in recent decades progress has been made in water treatment and an endless number of solutions have been designed, on occasions, we have required the creation of customized systems. Such as the one used for the suction and segregation of water with solvents or the separation of crude oil. Innovative and exclusive solutions that have meant an improvement for some clients, faced with a problem for which they could not find a solution in the market.